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Make New Friends, Guaranteed

Get matched with a group of carefully curated women to enjoy a series of shared experiences together.  All you have to do is show up.

Currently in SF, East Bay, South Bay, Sacramento, Seattle, and NYC - tell us where we should go next!

Find Real Connections. Build Lasting Friendships.


Explore your city

Enjoy a series of carefully curated local experiences.


Expand your social circle

Meet new friends who are like you.


Easy and stress-free

A RealRoots guide plans and leads every experience.

How it works

Tell us about


Share your lifestyle & interests with us. We'll match you with other like-minded women.

Join an in-person

Meet & Greet

Meet your group in person. If you vibe with them, you start a 6-week series together.

Enjoy curated local experiences

Each week a dedicated guide will lead you through fun activities & deep conversations in your city.

The RealRoots Guarantee

Friendship, guaranteed.

If at the end of the meet & greet you feel like you haven't met at least 1 fantastic new gal pal you're super excited to continue to see, we'll re-match you with a new group for free.

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Join in your city 💕

Choose your city below to join an upcoming meet & greet for $20 to meet your expertly matched gal group. Don't see your city yet? Let us know!

RealRoots groups having fun
"If you're thinking about joining don't hesitate. It's a wonderful and incredibly human experience."

Zelia S, 24

Not ready to commit, but want to stay in touch?

Sign up for our mailing list, and we'll let you know about new series dates as they come up. We can't wait to meet you! 💕

Discover your friendship persona

At RealRoots, we've found groups often gel best when members share similar values but play different roles in the group.


What role do you play?

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