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RealRoots Gal Community

You loved your RealRoots series. What's next?

RealRoots is on a mission to help you build your forever gal community. 💕 We'll help you maintain your cohort friendships and meet new ladies in the larger community.

Monthly Reunion Experiences with your Cohort

We'll plan monthly reunions on the 2nd Thursday of each month at new spots in SF with your cohort, so you always have your next girls' catchup to look forward to.

Meet the Larger Gal Community

Form bonds with the other ladies in the Gal Community through a RR hosted potluck (wine and venue provided) on the 4th Thursday of every month.

Gal Community Experiences

Got fun ideas? From that farmer's market that you've wanted to try or that new bar, post your ideas in our app or in our whatsapp group and get a girl group going!


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