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Create the magic of human connections while getting paid

Should you be a RealRoots guide?

If you're a natural host who loves meeting new people and making every guest feel seen and welcomed, this is likely to be the perfect side job for you.  RealRoots guides create a fun, inclusive, warm, and vulnerable environment that allows real connections to blossom. 

Make a real difference

The work you do changes lives for the better. There's no greater gift you can give another human than the magic of human connection. 

Planning and Facilitating

Guides lead meaningful & fun bonding experiences. During experiences, they facilitate deep conversations so that participants really get to know each other.

Make $$ while having fun

We pay $30/hr in most cities per experience you facilitate. If you love meeting new people and are passionate about helping others, this could be the most meaningful and fun side hustle you can imagine.


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