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RealRoots Series: Manhattan

The Gal Group Series is a 6-week program to create a gal group. It includes group formation, weekly guided experiences, all activities & games, and our guarantee that you'll make at least one amazing friend by the end of the series, or we'll rematch you for free 💕 Dinners are self-pay and additional. After the program, you'll join the RealRoots community for curated events and dinners with the larger community.


What does the cost cover?

The series is designed to turn strangers into meaningful friends in 6 short weeks through the magic of repeated shared experiences and meaningful conversation. We believe in transparent pricing and have priced the program bring extraordinary value (that hopefully tangibly improves your life) at the lowest price possible. On average:

  • 1/3  of your fee goes towards paying your amazing guide

  • 1/3 goes towards the activity costs for shared experiences

  • 1/3 goes towards our event planners and tech builders

What are the experiences?

We believe that for real friendships to form you need repeated shared experiences with the same people over a period of time. Each week includes a different activity (all fees included) and guided conversation over dinner led by your trained RealRoots guide (food is optional and self-pay based on what you order). Each week we also match you with 1-2 gals in your group for a "gal date"  -- our goal is you'll have a meaningful 1:1 with almost all gals in your group before the end of the series.

Week 1: Meet & Greet (Drink included)
Week 2: Storytelling + Dinner (Drink + game included)
Week 3: Board game cafe + Dinner (Board games included)
Week 4: Scavenger Hunt Food Tour (Food + game included)
Week 5: Ping Pong + Dinner (Ping Pong included)
Week 6: Closing Activity + Dinner (Activity included)

Week 7: Reunion Dinner (Self-guided)

(Note: The exact order/nature of the activities above may shift slightly as your we thoughtfully designs your experience for your gal group.)

What if I'm not available every week?

On average, everyone attends 5-6 of the 7 experiences. If you can attend 5, we recommend the series to you.

What if I didn't click with my meet & greet group?

If you didn't click with your meet & greet group, email and we'll intentionally rematch you for free. We believe we all women deserve meaningful friends who appreciate and support them, and we can rematch you again based on our learnings so that you find yours.

What is the RealRoots guarantee?

We guarantee you'll make at least one amazing friend through the program or we'll rematch you and put you in another series for free. The guarantee applies if you attend at least 5 of the 7 experiences. Our mission is to find you friends who meaningfully elevate your life, and we'll keep working with you until you do.

I'm interested, but I'm not free for most of these dates! What can I do?

Email us at and we'll put you into a different series!

What does the $9.99/month after the series include?

After the program, you'll join the larger RealRoots community in your city for grad-only events,  a community Slack channel, and small-group dinner matches.  We'll help support more outings with your current group as well as meet others in the larger community who you should know. You can cancel anytime!

More questions? Write to

What RealRoots grads say

"Ever since graduating college and joining the workforce, I have struggled to make new female friendships as an adult. RealRoots filled that gap that I think so many women experience, but no one truly talks about enough. Getting to meet other women that are also looking for close friendships was such a special experience! By far my favorite thing I’ve done for myself so far this year!" ~Tara T., 28 

“As someone that is new to the city, I found RealRoots as a life saver in meeting and connecting with new people. It is such a safe and comfortable place, you really don't feel the pressure to impress, or the fear that you might be judged. Everyone comes with an open mind and the same desire, to meet people. And no matter if you are shy or extroverted, everyone get's a chance to show their personally.” ~Chardae D., 32

“RealRoots has been such a wonderful way to meet genuinely kind, fun and adventurous ladies who live in my city and are committed to making new friendships. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking to make new connections in their local community!” ~Ayushi A., 23

“RealRoots gives you the chance to find meaningful friends that will change your life. You will connect with them in such a way that you will think you’ve been friends for life (and they will be your friends for life) . The friends you make at this age are the ones that will help you grown emotionally and professionally, they will be honest and relate to your experiences!!!" ~Cristina M., 43

....and more! Over 150K friendships created and counting. 💕

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