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About Us

My name is Dorothy Li, and I created RealRoots to help people make meaningful friendships that last. After having moved 8 times as an adult (due to work, love, and school), I had to start over with a clean social slate way too many times. Each time, I felt the emptiness of losing much of my social circle, and felt the awkwardness of organically making new friends, party by party, yoga class by yoga class. The more I talked about how I felt, the more I realized I'm not alone in this experience. We are all social creatures, wired for human connection, and when we find it, our lives go from "just okay" to magical. ✨

Due to the pandemic, many of us have moved, had friends move, or are now working remotely (this was me in 2021 - sheltering in place in my tiny SF studio apartment). Even people who have lived in SF their whole lives find themselves suddenly at a loss for familiar faces. Now more than ever, the world needs a new space for human connections to form IRL.


The work we do at RealRoots is deeply meaningful to me. I truly appreciate you for connecting with our mission. I hope you'll join us at an upcoming Meet & Greet. I'd be happy to meet you!

♥ Dorothy

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