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About Us


Hi, we're Dorothy and Tara! We created RealRoots to create meaningful female friendships that last. After having moved 11 times in total, we both felt the loneliness of being separated from our social circles, and the awkwardness of organically making new friends, party by party, yoga class by yoga class.


RealRoots actually works. We know:

  • Real friendships form when share multiple fun experiences.

  • Real friendships form when you share real parts of yourself.

The solution:

Each RealRoots series is designed as a series of fun experiences + deep conversations with the same group of wonderful women.  And we guarantee it'll work for you or we'll rematch you and do it again for free. We truly appreciate you for connecting with our mission, and we can't wait to meet you!

♥ Dorothy & Tara 


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